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7 Factors That Impair Workout Recovery | Mark's Daily Apple

A reminder to myself, since I’ve been ramping things up the last two weeks.

What’s been up

Thursday - My deadlift went from… 65 lbs to… 155lbs. HA! So awesome.

Friday - Spin Class #3 (I think I can actually feel my ass muscles changing shape :P)

Saturday - Monthly volunteer project, fixed some drainage issues, did some trail maintenance, got a nice 3 mile hike in the mix.

Sunday - Dad related things, OH and I made my first frittata and it’s the BOMB

Monday - Spin class #4

The Iron by Henry Rollins | Oldtime Strongman

A great deal of wisdom there, if you’ve never had the pleasure of reading something Henry’s written. He’s plain spoken and frank and I think he’s a great dude.

Stuff and Things

Today was ridiculous. Or wait maybe it’s more accurate to say, today, *I* was ridiculous. Or at the very least some part of me that I have insufficient control over was ridiculous. I’ve felt like a grouchy cartoon rain cloud all day.

But yesterday I went to my second spin class. 45 minutes of a workout the instructor gleefully referred to as … Build and Break, where we did increasing increments of resistance for longer sets until you spend 15 seconds pedaling as fast as you can after raising resistance 4 times and then flopping exhaustedly into the seat to “break” the resistance, recover and do it again!

Today I lifted with the trainer. I’m over half way through my sessions I have 4 left, so another 3 weeks and then I need put myself into a comfortable routine so I can lift on my own, or go to classes where I can lift. I guess I will make it a priority to try one of those (sculpt or pump) in the next two weeks so I can map out a schedule and make the whole transition easier on myself. Because I would looove to keep at it with the trainer but financially it’s just far too expensive, and ultimately untenable.

I’ve been working out 2-3 days per week for the last month, last week was three days, and this week will be 4 and I’d like to keep it there. My trainer (punk ass little kid that he is) scoffed when I mentioned working out 3 days last week, I had meant “during the week” but still, while this road is not unfamiliar (e.g. being active/fit/healthy, etc…) it’s pretty overgrown with weeds :P. I’m a year out from my surgery. Recovery was better but longer this time. I spent over two months basically without the regular use of my leg while the MCL tear and fracture healed and then in the initial stages of recovery from the surgery. So the atrophy was bad, it is STILL bad. But finally a month ago I got off of my ass and did something.

Just the psychological hurdle of adding some entirely new thing to your life is a lot to deal with. I’ve only been at my job for about 5 months, we just moved last year, so working out with a trainer, joining a gym for the first time in years (I worked out mostly via soccer and at home for the last 6 or 7 years) is another somewhat significant transitional activity for me. I have to bring all of my shit with me to work on the bus, I have to shower in the middle of the day, I have to meet and workout under the direction of a stranger, all totally alien to me. Not “hard” per se but initially it’s just an asston of “new” to add to my reality.

Change is something people avoid but it’s hard. New things require additional energy, mental mobility, adaptability. It’s taxing on a level you don’t really recognize until you realize that in the space of a year, nearly all of your day to day routines are completely different.

So yeah, I’m happy about it. I feel better. I feel stronger, less restless, satisfied about how I spent my time. I’m sleeping better and my initial soreness went from nearly paralyzing to persistent but pleasantly manageable. It’s a familiar feeling I’m glad to be reacquainted with.

Getting Behind

I have atleast a dozen half written posts stored in my head. The first half I thought through so thoroughly (holy tongue twisted batman) that it almost feels like I wrote them already. I can’t focus right now to actually write them so instead I’ll just put a list here for myself:

  • Why I want to be Anthony Bourdain and the balance between my idea of “healthy” and importance of actually “living” when it comes to eating
  • Real ill effects -vs- perceived
  • The massive amount of “new things” to acclimate to when you try something new/adjust your lifestyle/take on a new hobby (aka is there anything that’s more of a pain in the ass than trying to pack a bag for the gym to bring to work)
  • Lifting
  • Why is Personal training so f’ing expensive
  • I took a spin class and didn’t die
  • I’m doing it again today and my ass is still sore
  • Why does some wheat treat me ok but not others (was it that boardwalk hot dog or fancy flatbread crackers that made me feel like a giant cranky balloon)
  • Sometimes the idea of having coffee without cream or sugar actually makes me feel homicidal.

Egg Abuse

When I see photos of someone’s omlette, and the eggs are brown.  It makes me sad. No egg deserves that ! 

I eat fancy pants pasture eggs every day (they are amazing and worth every $) and it kills me to see people overcooking the shit out of them.

I am an egg snob. For reals.

We now know that 24 hours without sleep, or a week of sleeping four or five hours a night induces an impairment equivalent to a blood alcohol level of .1 percent. We would never say, ‘This person is a great worker! He’s drunk all the time!’ yet we continue to celebrate people who sacrifice sleep for work.